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Check out what you can expect at Zip KC in Bonner Springs, KS!

Zipline adventures just minutes away from downtown KC. Experience the thrill of a lifetime on our 9 ziplines totaling over a mile, letting you race at speeds of up to 50mph! Browse our exciting zipline activities and book your adventure online today!

Soar through the sky at 50 mph!

The Tower Tour is composed of five ziplines running tower to tower and reaching speeds up to 50 mph! The first tower is 65′ tall with an ascent of 77 steps and runs a quarter of a mile.

From there you are up high in the tree canopy as we zip tower to tower all the way back to home base. The tour ends with our breathtaking zero gravity line which features a 12-foot free-fall before the zip line swoops you up like a roller coaster!

Learn more at ZipKC.com!