BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. — Colonial Gardens is having a big berry festival coming and “Botanical” Brian Pirtle invited Great Day KC’s Adriana out to see what family’s can expect.

Many people may not know that in addition to the nursery, they have a working farm, orchard, and blackberry patch. The blackberries will be ready the first or second week of July, so every Saturday and Sunday during the blackberry season, they hold a festival allowing families to come in a pick their own berries.

The berries are super easy to pick thanks to a trellis that Colonial Gardens uses for its berry patch. Even better, the variety of berry they grow has no thorns. So, picking them is painless compared to normal varieties.

There will be hayrides and fun activities for kids along with blackberry wine and cocktails for the adults. Plus, if you don’t want to pick your own blackberries, you can buy them at the store.

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