BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. — Colonial Gardens is more than just a plant nursery, and today we’re taking a stroll through their working farm. Botanical Brian Pirtle and Grace Ames shows off some of the farm animals that you can visit, feed, and pet. The farm is open for tours and field trips with goats, chickens and more.

One thing they emphasize at the farm is rotational grazing. It’s their way of keeping the farm life and plants healthy on the farm. With rotational grazing, animals don’t graze in one pasture longer than a week and normally no more than a few days. It’s all part of Colonial Gardens mission to keep soil healthy. By constantly moving the grazing animals, the plants are able to keep strong root systems, which improves the quality of the soil underneath.

One other benefit to a working farm is the fresh eggs. Colonial Gardens sells their eggs as well as eggs from other local farmers at their main location. To learn more, head to