KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Dr. Kyri Hamilton started her company, Kyri’s Kookies, as a way to give thanks to soldiers and doctors’ offices. Dr. Hamilton said a few years ago, she was battling a rare Stage 4 sarcoma. Thankfully, she went into remission in April 2021. As a thank you, she sent her doctors in New York and Georgia some of her Kyri’s Kookies.

“My doctors were like, ‘You need to be doing this!” Dr. Hamilton laughed. “So in July of last year, we restarted Kyri’s Kookies.”

She says her cookies are made with love and she means it.

“Before each cookie goes onto the tray, I literally hug each cookie,” Hamilton said.

She says there’s a hug in every bite! You can check out her website at kryiskookies.com or order them by phone at 844-456-6543.