KANSAS CITY, Mo. – In this week’s Women Mean Business, we spotlight one of the luxury agents at Murrell Homes Real Estate Group, Brianna Pryor. Pryor said she decided to get into real estate after experiencing a period of devastating loss.

“A few years ago, I lost everything. I lost my home in a house fire. I lost my brother who was ill at that time. He passed away. I found out that another family member had cancer and I lost my job and I lost my car. I was trying to figure out how can I lift myself up and regain everything that I’d lost,” Pryor recalled.

Pryor said she spent 15 years in the education industry in which she spent her time helping others make positive changes in their lives.

“So I said what better way to provide for my family than by providing for others a luxury experience. So I decided to become a real estate agent,” Pryor said.

You can learn more about the women-owned real estate group here.