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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Local gyms are taking precautions to steer clear of the coronavirus. 

The Hy-Vee Arena in the West Bottoms sees hundreds of people every day, and thousands on some weekends. People can rent public equipment like basketballs, pickleballs and volleyballs. 

With that many people, the potential for germs to bound in increases, but not if General Manager Chad Tower and his team can help it. He said they about doubled the janitorial staff to make sure surfaces from treadmills to dumbbells are clean.

“If people are using it, they usually do a great job of cleaning it themselves,” Tower said. “If not, then staff is down there throughout the whole day to do that same thing.”

Employees stepped up their game sanitizing equipment and buying hand sanitizer and soap. Tower said he’s heard a lot about concern with the coronavirus. 

“We’ve noticed it. That’s why our orders have gone up a little bit for the hand soap,” Tower said. “So that’s good people are using that.”

Life Time Fitness said they are increasing cleaning protocols and the number of hand sanitizing stations throughout their fitness clubs. The CEO sent an email to members also asking that they stay home if they’re not feeling well. 

Meanwhile, the YMCA of Greater Kansas City posted a blog encouraging people to use positive personal hygiene while at the gym.

“We’re doing, kind of like, what everybody else is doing right now. We’re taking our precautions, we’re ordering extra supplies,” Tower said. “That’s our business — is a healthy lifestyle, and so we just want to make sure that everybody who shows up and comes here, we offer them the cleanliness part of it.

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