KANSAS CITY, Kan. – FOX4 and The University of Kansas Health System teamed up for this special presentation to show you the future of cancer treatment and how it will benefit patients in the Kansas City area.

The treatment is called “Proton Beam Therapy” and it’s coming to the health system and the KU Cancer Center.

It’s a version of radiation therapy. Radiation therapy uses x-rays, but those x-rays can impact parts of the body beyond the actual cancer, passing through the cancer cells and into other parts of the body including organs.

Proton beam therapy is much more targeted and uses highly-energnized protons. The protons impact the cancer more directly, while minimizing the damage to other healthy cells and tissues. A single treatment can last 15 to 30 minutes. In some facilities, the same machine can even treat two patients simultaneously.

Watch the entire presentation where we break down the new therapy, how it will really benefit the fight against childhood cancer and prostate cancer, and how major supporters are making proton beam therapy a reality here in Kansas City.

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