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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The season to celebrate is in full swing, and some say they’re ready for a festive Christmas followed by a lot of fun to ring in the New Year.

As friends and family gather to celebrate and mark the end of another year, there are often toasts and other celebratory drinks involved.

American Addiction Centers, an online resource for finding drug and alcohol treatment centers, surveyed nearly 4,000 people who planned to drink during the holidays.

The survey found that the average person in Missouri will consume 37%, or more than one-third, of their alcohol intake for the entire year between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. That is the highest rate in the country.

Kansans isn’t far behind at 33%. Vermont has the lowest rate at 18%.

American Addiction Centers points out that both states are above the national average which is 29% of the composition for the year during the holiday season. American Addiction Centers published the the complete survey.

The survey also determined that 22% of people who plan to drink over the holidays say they mentally prepare themselves to binge. As many as 14% say they even adopt a healthier lifestyle heading into the season so they can overindulge without feeling guilty.

There are obvious risks involved with this behavior, the survey said. That includes 20% of respondents who admit they become concerned about their health because of the amount of alcohol consumed during the final five or six weeks of the year.

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