A new report identifies the Kansas City metro as one of the 11 most racially segregated hospital markets in America.

The Lown Institute, a Brookline, Massachusetts-based nonpartisan health care think tank, found that these 11 metros had the highest proportion of the most and least inclusive hospitals (percentage of outliers shown in parentheses):

  1. New Orleans (50%)
  2. St. Louis (43%)
  3. Detroit (38%)
  4. Milwaukee (36%)
  5. Philadelphia (27%)
  6. Kansas City (26%)
  7. Chicago (25%)
  8. Denver (22%)
  9. Phoenix (21%)
  10. Dallas/Forth Worth (21%)
  11. Atlanta (21%)

To rank on the list, metros had to have more than 10 ranked hospitals and more than 20% of those hospitals had to be outliers with one star or five stars as well as at least one hospital on each end of the spectrum.

Kansas City has five of the least inclusive hospitals (one star) and two of the most inclusive (five star) hospitals. Those seven hospitals represent 26% of the metro’s 27 ranked hospitals.

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