KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City-area health experts say allergy season is getting worse each year.

This year, doctors are seeing more allergy patients than normal.

Kansas City palynologist, Dr. Gary Salzman, said he’s seeing 20-30% more patients this allergy season.

“Over the years with global warming, we’re getting worse and worse allergy seasons,” Salzman said. “We’re having much longer cycles where pollen is being produced.”

Salzman said this has been a difficult allergy season.

“People with asthma and other allergic problems, they’re having even more trouble,” Salzman said. “We’re having some people that never had allergy symptoms before, this year having allergy problems.”

Many patients are coming in with different symptoms.

“This is a pretty bad pollen season,” Salzman said. “I got a lot of patients that are having a lot of problems with runny nose, watery eyes and our asthmatics are having more symptoms with their asthma.”

Salzman said if you’re suffering from allergies, over-the-counter medicine can help.

He said it’s also good to shower once you come in from the outdoors and keep the windows in your house closed.