KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Thousands of people across the Kansas City metro are talking about how words and actions have impacted them.

The conversation began when the Kansas City Royals worked with Blue KC to place two giant letters around the metro earlier this month. Each letter is written by a young athlete. The letters describe the athlete’s feelings after being yelled at by a parent or coach over a game.

“As parents and caretakers, we sometimes don’t realize the impact our words and emotions have on our kids. What we see as constructive criticism can feel like an indictment,” said Dr. Greg Sweat, SVP and Chief Health Officer of Blue KC.

The two organizations are now working on a documentary about the issue.

The Royals say the documentary will help explain the emotional toll young athletes can experience when parents and coaches let anger take over the conversation.

“Between the letters and the documentary, this organization has spent hundreds of hours researching and identifying children who have been impacted, parents who admit they can sometimes be at fault, and doctors to discuss the lifelong impact. I am excited for Kansas City and the world to join us in a change to shut out the stigma,” said Sarah Tourville, Vice President, Chief Commercial and Community Impact Officer for the Kansas City Royals.

The full-length documentary is expected to be released this fall.

Anyone can watch an extended trailer at Shut Out The Stigma.