KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Hundreds of people lined up to take steps and flight lung disease Saturday morning and raise more than $160,000.

The American Lung Association held it’s annual Fight For Air Climb at Children’s Mercy Park.

The event raises awareness and money for research to help people with lung disease, including children with asthma.

Saturday’s fundraiser was a family affair for Dr. Alvin Singh and his 8-year-old son, Clark.

“I want to climb to raise money for kids with asthma because having asthma is not very fun. I just don’t like coughing up stuff over and over and over again. That’s just when you have a cold,” Clark said.

There is currently groundbreaking research underway to fight all kinds of lung diseases.

Money from events like Saturday’s Fight For Air Climb helps fund some of that research.

If you missed Saturday’s event at Children’s Mercy Park, you have not missed the chance to be part of the effort to find cures.

Take the pledge to climb steps on your own time and make a donation. Information is available on the American Lung Association’s website at lung.org.