Local doctors say president’s COVID diagnosis a cautionary tale that pandemic still prevalent


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Contact tracers are working to track the number of people President Trump came in contact with over the past week. Local doctors say the president’s diagnosis is a strong reminder on how the virus travels, and your personal circle can cause more exposure than you think.

“They probably have their own bubble, but you don’t understand of those people in that bubble who those people’s bubbles are. So that’s the problem if they’re out doing things or meeting with people,” Dr. Dana Hawkinson with the University of Kansas Health System said.

Once a person is infected doctors say days before symptoms show until days after people can spread the virus. It’s especially dangerous when a person is asymptomatic and doesn’t know they’re sick.

“Interactions with other people even who may not have any symptoms, people can spread this coronavirus, even if they’re asymptomatic. So there’s a danger to being in the public of acquiring the coronavirus. And then some people get extremely ill and some people die from COVID-19. And so anything we can do to minimize that risk is worth it,” Dr. Joel McKinsey with Research Medical Center said.

They say wearing masks, washing your hands, social distancing, and staying home are as important now as they were in March. Dr. Hawkinson says he hopes the president’s diagnosis will encourage others to take precautions.

“Maybe there can be a message from the top down about further recommending and adhering to that public health guidance. Wearing the mask, meeting in small groups or no groups, physical distancing and hand hygiene. And that’s really to keep everybody healthy from the top on down to all the masses and the whole population of the United States,” Dr. Hawkinson said.

McKinsey says there is concern about pandemic fatigue and says any time you are in a group of people, your risk significantly goes up for catching COVID-19.



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