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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Parkville mother and daughter are encouraging others to reach their fitness goals. The duo owns 9Round Boxing on Chatham Avenue. 

As owners, Jen and Connie Revers are in the best shape of their lives, and they said their relationship has grown since they went into business together. 

Connie is a mom of four and grandmother of four, and Jen is a teacher’s aide in the Park Hill District. The mother-daughter duo took over the franchise kickboxing gym in 2018. 

“I kind of pushed her into coming in here in the first place,” daughter Jen Revers said. “So we talked about how fun and amazing an opportunity it would be to own our franchise of 9Round someday.” 

They hold each other accountable to their fitness goals and help others, mostly women, do the same. The two have lost more than 70 pounds combined. 

“[Jen] finally got me to come, and I just fell in love with the program, the workout, and how it made me feel strong,” Connie Revers said. “It just then became just easy to easier to have that weight come off.” 

Like many people, Jen gained weight in 2020 but restarted her fitness journey in September. She has since lost 30 pounds of body fat. 

“My mom working out and being fit was accountability for me. She pushed me to be better myself,” Jen Revers said. “So no matter what you’re doing, your kids are watching, and they look up to you.” 

Connie said she’s blessed to see her adult daughter every day. She said she loves working with her to help others become their best selves. She encourages mothers to cherish every moment. 

“For all the young mothers out there, never ever wish those kids to grow up,” Connie Revers said. “I mean, enjoy every little bit that they have because they’re going to grow up so fast anyway. So don’t wish them to walk and talk and to drive because it’ll come fast enough.”