KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Good news for some allergy sufferers. You may breathe a little easier Tuesday.

While the rain created a dreary day Monday and Tuesday, it does have benefits.

Counts for both pollen and mold have dropped into more a more manageable range, according to FOX4 Meteorologist Michelle Bogowith.

While Tuesday’s allergy report shows a low pollen level for grass, it is also slowly increasing as grass prepared for a late spring explosion.

Children’s Mercy Hospitals says allergy suffers should be able to do outdoor activities Tuesday without worrying about too many symptoms.

A daily allergy report for the Kansas City area is available at FOX4KC.com/weather. Scroll down because the allergy report is located under the forecast. It is updated every morning.

Levels are collected using PollenSense, an automated particle counter located on the roof of Children’s Mercy Hospital in Downtown Kansas City, Missouri.