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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The snow and cold of February delayed the flight of elm pollen. But the recent snow couldn’t stop it. Elm has put the overall pollen count in the high range in Kansas City. A specialist at Children’s Mercy Hospital says two other pollens will soon bombard us making it a bad trifecta for allergy sufferers.

“Because usually now we’re seeing maple and starting to see oak pollen, my suspicion is that pollen season is going to be condensed so we’re going to see one very large intense pollen season over the next six weeks,” says Dr. Jay Portnoy.

That’s not good news for Andy Jiang. The eight-year-old remembers the itchy nose and eyes he had last spring. This year?

“I’m still not that allergic,” says Andy.

But Dr. Portnoy says allergy sufferers should start taking their medications now if they haven’t already.

Fox 4 Medical Reporter Meryl Lin McKean also talked with Dr. Portnoy about a new treatment on the horizon that’s an alternative to allergy shots.