KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A lot of people are wearing red Friday, and it’s not just because the Chiefs are playing in Super Bowl LVII.

It’s also national “Wear Red Day.” The day is held the first Friday of February every year.

The day of advocacy is to remind everyone about the dangers of heart disease, which is the No. 1 killer of women.

The National Heart Association says many women falsely believe they won’t experience heart disease until they are older. In reality, doctors say heart issues can impact anyone, at any age.

Experts say the number of young, healthy, pregnant and postpartum moms suffering from heart disease is increasing.

Dr. Tracy Stevens, Saint Luke’s Women’s Heart Center, says it’s important for everyone to recognize the symptoms of pushing your heart too far.

“Any symptom that is new to women, think ‘could this be my heart?’ I often say anything from the waist on up, or overwhelming fatigue. It’s not just that Hollywood heart attack sign. It can be certainly chest pain, elbow pain, tooth ache, so none of them are really specific symptoms but if it’s new, and can’t be explained, always think, could this be my heart?” Stevens said.

Heart attack and stroke kill more women than all forms of cancer combined.