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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The name Casa Soñada KC translates to Dream Home KC and the real estate team at Casa Soñada is in the business of making dreams come true.

Elizabeth Ramirez started Casa Soñada, a partner with Keller Williams, in 2007. Her mission, to help the Hispanic community in Kansas City find their forever homes.

“For us, for the Hispanic community, we are so proud to get a house, to have that dream home,” Ramirez said.

But Ramirez knows the road to buy a home isn’t always easy or understandable.

“When the Hispanic community gets to the United States, it is hard for us to get a home,” she said.

Ramirez’s daughter Valerie Cisneros said that’s why their real estate service is different. They have classes explaining the process.

“When an immigrant comes to the United States, English is not their first language. They come scared. They have lots of fears,” Cisneros said. “We try to educate them step by step, from day one.”

“Sometimes we need to help them, take their hand,” Hermes Guardado, a buyers agent leader said. “The whole process. We help them to fill the application, the interview process.”

Lupita Delgado has been through the home buying and selling process many times with Casa Soñada.

“We like working with them because they speak our language,” Delgado said. “If we have questions, they explain it in our language. Every time I’m with them, I don’t feel like I’m a client, I feel like we are family.”

Delgado is just one of hundreds of Latino families Ramirez and her team have helped find their dream home.

“The past few years, I think we have been reaching 120 families a year,” Cisneros said.

As the Latino community continues to grow in the Kansas City metro, they anticipate helping more Hispanic families find their “Casa Soñada.”

“Owning a home for the Hispanic community is something huge and big and we feel so proud to help them get this house,” Ramirez said.