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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — As the United States celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month, a local multimedia and multi-lingual production company will soon celebrate 10 years in business.

Tico Sports has ties to the Kansas City Chiefs and now the Kansas City Royals. This month, that means a lot to these entrepreneurs.

The Spanish-speaking broadcasters create a bridge between communities and people, players and viewers.

“Relationships are key,” CiCi Rojas said.

She and Oscar Monterroso started Tico Productions in 2012 and branched out to Tico Sports four years later.

“You own all the successes, all the failures and everything in between,” Rojas said.

She said the life of an entrepreneur is tough, but worth it, especially when you get to incorporate your heritage in what you do every day.

The company has earned minority certification on the city, state and federal level.

“It does cross my mind, thinking about ‘OK, this is a big responsibility,'” Monterroso said. “But I don’t really focus on that because I want to focus on your team delivering the best broadcast we can so the people at home or listening to us can really enjoy it.”

A few pillars in the Latino culture — family, loyalty and passion — have helped them secure big partnerships with the Chiefs and Royals.

“It’s exciting because there are a lot of Latino players, so that is fun for us,” Rojas said.

The fanbase gets to know players a little bit better. Personalities come through, and nothing is lost in translation.

But it’s not just Kansas City. Tico Sports calls games for several NFL teams. It’s a partnership going on six years.

Monterroso said they also take their talent to the collegiate level. They wave the wheat inside Allen Fieldhouse at the University of Kansas and call football games for the Cornhuskers at the University of Nebraska.

His team has a special memory at Memorial Stadium.

“They played one of the Spanish calls on the big screen, and everybody just exploded,” Monterroso said. “We were just like in awe because of the acceptance, because of how people were able to enjoy that. I mean, we put passion into it.”

Monterroso said that’s why Hispanic Heritage Month means so much.

Like the celebration following a Mahomes-Hill connection, this month recognizes all Latinos from different backgrounds — and invites people in other cultures to learn more.

“It’s beautiful that we can all unite,” Monterroso said, “and you know everyone have their own celebration as well.”

Monterroso calls it a buffet. No matter how you slice it, it’s about highlighting the important contributions Latinos have made in the U.S.

You can listen to this Friday and Saturday’s Royals games in Spanish. The Tico Sports broadcast will be on XM159 or check out Tico Sports’ website.