11 big ideas: Kansas City Magazine explores ways to make the metro better


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — With times of uncertainty come times of opportunity. That’s the main idea behind Kansas City Magazine’s April edition.

The publication has 11 ideas they call “ambitious” and “offbeat.”

Associate editor Nicole Bradley joined FOX4 at 8 a.m. to talk about four of their ideas.


Bradley said that there’s a common misconception that the Missouri River is toxic or dangerous. But building a marina in KC, where people can store and launch boats and get gas and snacks, on an insulated backchannel is feasible. Both Omaha and Columbia have marinas on the Missouri, where you’ll see people jet skiing, swimming and boating.

“There are several uninterrupted channels,” Bradley said. “Those back channels are perfectly acceptable to add marinas.”

Drag racing

This idea was actually born from FOX4 reporting, writers said. In the wake of dangerous sideshows, some of which ended in injuries, Mayor Quinton Lucas floated the idea of a city-sanctioned drag strip and burnout park.

Finding a place for the noise and commotion may be difficult, Bradley admits, but its certainly worth the on-going conversation.

Air Surveillance

Baltimore, known as one of the most dangerous cities in America, saw a big drop in 2020 homicide numbers when they employed a sky surveillance system. High-flying aircraft with strong cameras are helping solve crimes.

“It’s one step closer to KC, as St. Louis just signed a deal with the same surveillance company,” Kansas City Magazine wrote.

COVID-19 Vaccine Passport

“Cerner has created a way to carry proof of COVID vaccination on your phone — kind of like Apple Wallet. The concept will exist by QR code to validate vaccination records,” KC Mag wrote.



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