3 tips to get awesome abs and arms for summer

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Now that Memorial Day is in the past, swimsuit season is officially here. Personal trainer Candice McField visited FOX 4 Tuesday with workouts for toning your arms and abs.

Tip #1 – Change 2 of your ‘bad’ nutritional habits
▪ Ex. Eliminate/reduce sodas
▪ Ex. Eliminate/reduce dessert

Tip #2 – Double your cardio
▪ Currently doing zero minutes → start with 20 minutes
▪ Currently doing 15 minutes → increase it to 30 minutes

Tip #3 – Increase your water intake
▪ Strive for 1 gallon / day
▪ Buy a gallon water jug and carry it with you

Tip #4 – Strength train
▪ Arms – 1 -2x/week
▪ Abs – 4x/week
▪ Abs & Arms Demonstration:

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