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Brenda Hill From Verizon Wireless shares the following app information parents can consider during this years’ Halloween outings.

Family Locator App: Helps you track your child’s whereabouts, so you`ll know exactly where they are when they are out trick or treating.

Family Locator from Verizon: Just $9.99/month for Verizon customers, allows parents to keep tabs on children quickly and easily, which makes it the perfect safety precaution for trick-or-treating. The apps includes:
• See a child`s location (right down to the address) and turn-by-turn directions to this location.
• Arrival and departure updates for peace-of-mind that a child is in the right place.
• In app messaging to keep in touch without switching between apps.

Mama Bear App: There is a parent and child version of this app. The parent apps helps you track your kids location and see who they are with by pulling data from Instagram/Facebook through tagged photos. It will also alert you to new friends on Facebook/Instagram, sending alerts about bad language/bullying and it will alert you when your child is in a car going over a certain speed. Free on Apple and Android devices. Features include:
–Parent app
–View child’s location.
–Be alerted when they’re in a speeding vehicle.
–See who they`re connecting with on social media.
–Child app
–‘Check in’ when they get to their final location (like a friend`s house for a Halloween gathering).
–‘Come get me’ button lets a child tell their parent they need them with one click – whether it`s an emergency or they just need a ride home.

Life 360 App: This app is similar to Family Locator. It allows you to track locations and communicate with your family in one text stream. It lets you create family circles, allowing anyone (your spouse, kids and even babysitters or nannies) to keep in touch and look out for one another.

Special features include:
Integrated maps let you see everyone’s location at once (another great Halloween feature if three kids are headed in three different trick-or-treating direction!). Messages and alerts come through in one thread, allowing for seamless monitoring and chatting.

Fun Halloween Apps:
Halloween Card Creator: (free, Apple and Android) Make your own Halloween cards and share with family and friends via email and social media.

Instructables: (free, Apple and Android) See some of the most creative DIY-ed costumes with step-by-step directions, and share your ideas for others to try!