Breast cancer survivors take back control with unique nipple tattoos

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Cancer of any kind can be tough to battle. For women, losing their breasts can be devastating. Most never get their nipples back, which, for some, can be equally traumatizing. But that doesn’t have to be where the story ends. Some women are taking back control, reclaiming their beauty in tattoo parlors across the globe.

While some may shy away from permanent tattoos, more and more women who’ve undergone a mastectomy are embracing them — using them to enhance the beauty of their new body. It gives cancer survivors a restored sense of self-pride and provides an avenue of self-expression.

Breast cancer survivors are finding design ideas on Pinterest. A woman named Molly — and a fierce team of supporters — launched The site redirects to a Pinterest account that solely focuses on empowering breast cancer survivors through stories, design ideas and tattoo artist information. Molly even shares her own and tracks her progress in pictures.

Molly’s story and her passion for nipple tattoos have inspired tattoo artists in the U.S., England, Canada and Italy to provide nipple and breast tattoos for free.

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