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Suzy Brown, who counsels couples and families going through divorce, addresses the Ashley Madison website hack. The Ashley Madison slogan is: Life is short. Have an affair.

Hackers have threatened to release information about users.

Brown says infidelity destroys families, communities and weakens us as a culture.

She says the real war on women is other women who betray other women.  In her blogs, Brown calls women who have affairs with married men, ‘girlfiends“, with the intentional misspelling. She says any woman who has an emotional or sexual relationship with a married man is a girlfiend.

She makes the following points:

1. Majority of all people everywhere think infidelity is “always wrong.”
2. Men who cheat with you are more likely to cheat on you.
3. Others will tolerate you to keep the peace, but will not respect you.
4. You are a constant reminder that he is not an honorable man.
5. Your actions betray other women and innocent children

Watch her interview in the player above for more on her challenge for men and women to have the courage to say “no” to infidelity.