DVD/Home Video Screening: “Jack Reacher,” “Safe Haven,” “Side Effects”

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Tom Cruise is a fine actor, but he’s miscast as Jack Reacher, the 6’ 5” 250 lb. former military investigator from Lee Child’s thriller novels. In the wake of the recent events in Connecticut, this violent story about the search for a mass killer seems particularly disturbing.
It's very disturbing but also not executed very well. Tom Cruise doesn't typically mail it in but this one he had the Postal Service on speed dial.
It’s got action and suspense, but never quite gels. At best, "Jack Reacher" is a competent, if off-putting, shoot-em-up.
Not sure who's worst. Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher or Tyler Perry as Alex Cross. That's the reality of this movie.  No extra material will be included on the DVD release. The Blu-ray/DVD Combo release will include a commentary by Tom Cruise and the director, a second commentary by the composer Joe Kraemer and three featurettes.
RUSS: 3 Popcorn Bags
SHAWN: 2 Popcorn Bags
Relativity Media
“Safe Haven," the latest romantic drama adapted from a Nicholas Sparks novel, will affect your eyes. You’ll either be wiping them or rolling them. Count me in the latter category.
Yep my main man Nick Spark must of wrote this in his sleep. Not even an all-star cast could elevate this overly mushy tribble of nothingness. So it ain't Julianne huogh's or Josh Duhmel's fault. At least they had chemistry. Just didn't have a script.
Sparks is a master manipulator, but this story takes some unusual twists that even hardcore fans may find hard to accept. The cast is very likable and the movie makes good use of North Carolina’s beautiful coastal scenery, but "Save Haven" is a movie that only the most fanatic Sparks fan could love.
Standard extras except for a set visit and Josh Duhamel's lessons in crabbing featurette.
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Open Road Films
It’s unlikely that Steven Soderbergh’s “Side Effects" will be used as a recruitment tool for the psychiatric profession any time soon. In this smart and creepy psychological thriller, Jude Law plays a shrink whose life falls apart when one of his patients commits a horrible crime while taking the drugs he prescribed.
"Side effects" is a much better movie after a second viewing. So if you have that kind of time then "Side Effects" is a nifty thriller if you don't the movie may leave you feeling a bit cold.
This intriguing movie is like a great running back. You think it’s going in one direction and then it fakes you out. Strong performances help make “Side Effects" a twisty and involving cautionary tale.
Extras will include an Aliza Website Experience, a Behind the Scenes of "Side Effects" featurette and some fake drug company commercials.
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