KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Another 800 feet of Streetcar rail is now where it needs to be.

Crews have worked through the early morning hours on the $350-million expansion project scheduled to be ready by 2025. With that, it could cause more traffic delays into the morning hours as drivers are en route to work.

Crews will again go through the process of moving the necessary rail into place for the 3.5-mile add-on.

800 feet of rail total will be moved from the staging area on Saturday, May 27th, and Grand to the east side of the main Street near 32nd Street.

Work is scheduled from 5-7 a.m., as drivers expect temporary stops at six intersections as crews move the rails starting 27th Street, Warwick Traffic Way, 31st Street, East and West 31st Terrace, and East 32nd Street.

Once the rail is pulled through, traffic will be cleared to move, and Kansas City police will be on-site helping with traffic control.

When the rail is in place, there will be eight new streetcars available for the new route, which will run from Union Station to the UMKC campus on 51st and Brookside.

The full streetcar will run from the City Market to UMKC with plans in motion for another extension from the City Market to the Riverfront.