KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Breaking news from the FOX4 anchor desk! FOX4’s Kerri Stowell dropped a big surprise on her coworkers, and it had everyone smiling.

At the end of a weather forecast, Stowell grabbed her coffee mug. Tuesday’s cup of joe came with a little extra something on the side.

The mug said “does this ring make me look engaged?”

FOX4 anchors Pat McGonigle and Kristen Holloway each did a visible doubletake before screaming with excitement over the news of the engagement.

Stowell then shared pictures and the story behind them.

Her fiancé, Mark, popped the question over the weekend on the rooftop of a downtown hotel.

“It was a complete surprise. I thought this would happen later this year when we were on vacation somewhere. I never thought it was going to happen in Kansas City,” Stowell said. “When we stepped out onto the rooftop, I thought we were interrupting someone else’s proposal. I was so thrown off.”

She also said they are enjoying the engagement and haven’t set a date for the nuptials.