FOX4’s Pat McGonigle splits the uprights in Tampa, defying bets against him


TAMPA, Fla. — When you’re at the Super Bowl, you have to do Super Bowl things.

FOX4’s Pat McGonigle went live on the Morning Show from the NFL Experience, an area set up for those wanting to throw, kick and get their fill of football. Pat wanted to kick a field goal for all to see. Unfortunately, it didn’t go exactly according to plan.

He shanked the first kick, sending it left of the goal posts.

“Oh, crap!” he exclaimed as he watched his future NFL career careen away from his grasp. “That was the worst one I’ve had all day.”

But McGonigle, like many of the football greats past and present, wanted to overcome adversity and push on. He wouldn’t let a bad play get him down.

However, FOX4 anchor Mark Alford and Abby Eden weren’t so sure. Mark even made a wager, betting $5 against Pat with reporter Marcus Officer. With such high stakes, Pat set up the kick again.

The kick went up and was good! Pat split the uprights!

Watch the field goal soar through the goal posts. Also, see the cash exchange as Mark paid up.



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