Grilling tips: Brush off the rust with this expert advise


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — With winter’s end in sight, you may feel your grilling skills are as rusty as the grates themselves! Thankfully, we brought in an expert to help brush up on best practices.

Chef Bryant Wigger from The American Reserve came on the FOX Morning Show to show off his skills at the grill. He even made a special recipe for us: grilled, marinated shrimp tacos with salsa verde!

Here are Chef Bryant’s tips for expert grilling:

General grilling tips

  • Take meat out to warm up to room temperature before grilling
  • Preheat your grill before adding the food
  • Clean grill with good grill brush and oil down before heating
  • Season meat liberally: Season twice as much as you think
  • Create hot spots for direct and indirect cooking
  • Stop flare-ups: Move to cooler spot. If you use water, use it sparingly. Too much it will cause the ash to come up
  • Don’t touch the meat too much. Let it get a sear and use tongs when moving. If you poke your meat, then the juices can come out

Gas vs. charcoal grilling

Gas: It’s easy to use, speedy and perfect for weekday grilling

  • Lights and heats up in about 10 min
  • Costs about 1.50 per hour to run
  • Cleanup is easy by just closing the lid and turning the heat up to burn off
  • Tastes clean with just the flavor of the meat, rub or sauce

Charcoal: It imparts flavor from coal, or charcoal, for a smoky outcome

  • Takes between 15-20 minutes to get to temperature
  • Costs about $4 to create a good coal base to grill
  • More maintenance: Must remove the coal tray, clean out ash and brush grates when done
  • Imparts smoky flavor
  • Use a chimney, skip the lighter fluid

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