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KANSAS CITY, Mo. —  Don’t let your busy schedule keep you from reaching your fitness goals this holiday season. Fitness instructor and wellness coach, Jenn Marasco taught Nick Vasos a few exercises that she says are great for sneaking in some intense cardio in before you get ready for a holiday party or during a cookie baking break. They blast calories and the short rest time and high intensity gives you aerobic and anaerobic benefits.


Half Time Tabatas 

2 mins for Each Set of moves. 1 move is 20 seconds of High Rate Moves paired with a 10 second Active Recovery

After 2 mins of one set, rest for 30 seconds and then continue to next step of moves


SET 1 (Abs & glutes) repeat x 2 then short rest 

20 seconds- Cross Climbers with High Knees

10 seconds- Squat with leg up & over


SET 2 (Inner Thighs & Shoulders) repeat x 2 then short rest 

20 seconds- Sumo Hops

10 seconds- Donkey Kicks


SET 3 (Quads & Glutes & Obliques) repeat x 2 then short rest 

20 seconds- Forward Squat Jump Then quick feet back

10 seconds- Side leg lift