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Before you know it, your High School aged son or daughter will be bombarded once again with homework, after-school activities, and everything in between. Brenda Hill, from Verizon Wireless, showed us some great apps to help keep their hectic schedule organized.

Her suggested apps:

1. myHomework (free: Apple, Android, Windows): Students can now have the benefits of a planner, all on their smart phone or tablet, so they will never miss a due-date again. With myHomework, students can enter their class schedule, homework assignments, and even their teachers’ contact information. The app allows you to customize your schedule for each day of the week (including an option for block-scheduling), and gives you the option to set alerts for important assignments. The easy-to-read calendar also gives students a way to see their entire day at a glance. (

2. Evernote (free: Apple, Android, Windows): Laptops, tablets and smartphones are becoming important tools for high school students, and it’s important for them to be able to access their notes in an organized way. Evernote allows students to take notes right in the app, then sync notes across all their computers and mobile devices, as well as record voice/audio to accompany text. Students can also share their notes with classmates, which can be extremely helpful for study groups! For a low monthly fee, students can upgrade to a premium subscription, giving them access to a number of other features, such as the ability to access their notes without an internet connection. (

3. MegaReader ($1.99: Apple): Access over 2 million free books from your iPad, iPhone or iPod! This eBook reader is super-customizable. Page navigation is easy, and you can book mark where you left off for easy reference.

4. Graphing Calculator HD ($1.99: Apple, Android, Windows): Graphing calculators are expensive but necessary tools for students in high school. Graphing Calculator allows you to turn your smart phone or tablet into an advanced graphic calculator, plotting equations, find coordinates and graphing inequalities. It even has a customizable keyboard, making it easier than ever to crank out complex math problems. (