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Cherry Limeade

A healthy and tasty way to stay hydrated is to try infused water.  Though very healthy, sometimes your traditional, plain water just gets boring!  Infused water includes adding different fruits, vegetables and/or herbs and spices to your water.  Not only do you get the benefits of getting hydrated, but you also gain flavor without all the excess sugars and chemicals that are in alternative beverages such as pop, sweetened teas or flavored coffees.  Jennifer Wadewill show you how easy it is to infuse your water with fresh produce.

All you need:

  • 6-8 mint leaves
  • 10 pitted cherries, cut in half
  • 1 Key lime, sliced thinly
  • ice
  • 1 liter water (still or sparkling)

All you do:

  1.   Muddle (smash with spoon or muddler) mint leaves in bottom of glass.  Combine mint with pitted cherries, sliced lime, ice and water.
  2.   Let steep 30 minutes before serving.

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photo credit: Marinate Me Baby via photopin cc