Moms Get Fit with These Fat Burning Exercises

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Every mom should still have time to workout, whether it's with or without the kids. Janis Ellis-Claypool, director of FIT MOM Kansas City shared some ideas that expecting moms, new moms or veteran moms can try.

1. Step back lunge with bicep curls -- builds lean muscle mass in the quads and glutes (thighs and butt) - adding the bicep helps to multitask (as many mothers need to do!)

2. Wide squat with overhead press- - builds lean muscle mass in the quads and glutes, - adding the overhead press challenges the shoulders and increases the heart rate, which helps to burn fat.

3. Calf raise with triceps -- builds lean muscle mass in the calves, and multi-task by adding the triceps.

With each of these moves, Ellis-Claypool says she tries to use the overload principle -- lots of reps, good form and quick repetitions. This helps to increase heart rate (to burn fat), and force the muscles to respond. For a beginner, a minimum of 12 reps each, for a set of 3 is a great start.



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