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Colleges around the country will soon welcome back students to their campuses.  For some, the hectic schedules that come with being in college can often leave little time for healthy eating, leading to the infamous “Freshman 15” or “Sophomore 20”.

Today, we’re going to go over five tips and show you some healthy snacks that will keep you healthy, satisfied and fueled so you can maintain a busy work and school schedule.

1.      SLEEP MORE.  Let’s start with sleeping!  Sleep can seem like a waste of time to many people but a lack of sleep can affect food and activity choices, ability to concentrate and mood. Some people will also eat to try to stay awake and help them pull “all-nighters”, leading to unhealthy mindless snacking. If you find that you tend to eat during these late nights, try to wrap up your studies early and get to bed!

2.      ULITLIZE THE POWER FOODS.  Let’s face it.  The school cafeteria can make it hard to eat healthy.  And for students on the go, packed and processed foods, which are often high in sodium and sugar, are staples in their diets.  Try eating Power Foods– these are foods that are satisfying and take your body longer to break down, leaving you energized and feeling fuller longer. Examples: cheese stick with sliced apples, Greek non-fat yogurt with blueberries and low-fat granola, bowl of grape.

3.      FOCUS ON PLANNING.  Planning is a key component to living a healthy lifestyle.  Having healthy foods in your purse, backpack or car can make a huge difference in reaching your weight loss goals.  Here are some great snacks to have you on during the day that will keep you far away from the vending machine:

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