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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — October is dwarfism awarness month and organizations across the country, including Kansas City are hoping to raise awareness and debunk a lot of misconceptions.

Some facts:

  • People with dwarfism are usually no taller than four foot, ten inches.
  • Eighty percent of little people are born to average-sized parents with no history of dwarfism in their families
  • In the dwarfism community, the word ‘average’ is used instead of the word ‘normal.’
  • Dwarfism is not a disease and does not require a cure.  Most people with dwarfism live a long and prosperous life.


Zachary Aubuchon, a student at Grain Valley South Middle School and Nicky Cruise, a nurse practitioner, appeared on Monday’s FOX 4 Morning Show to talk about some of the misconceptions and the challenges that they must face daily.