”One Touch” Smoked Chicken (competition style)

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“One Touch” Smoked Chicken (competition style)

General Info

1) Meat Cut: Bone-in thighs &/or breasts

2) Seasoning methods:

a) Marinade – Smoke on Wheels BBQ Marinade
b) Rub: R Butts R Smokin’ – Butt Kickin’ Chicken Rub / Plowboys Yardbird Rub
c) Sauce: Smoke on Wheels – Kansas City Bootleg BBQ Sauce

3) Cooking Temp: 325ºF / Cooking time: ~60-90min.


One touch cooking method:

1) Place chicken in buttered pan

2) Cook at 325 degrees for 30 min

3) Spritz with butter, (lightly reseason if desired) and cook an additional 30 min.

4) Lower grill temperature to 250ºF;

5) Wrap chicken pan tightly with foil & cook for 30 more minutes at lower temp.

6) Unwrap pan & lightly sauce chicken; leave pan open, in pit, for 5 min to set sauce.

7) Serve!


1) Marinade can be done up to 4 hrs.

2) Don’t overcook your white meat! Juice is clear, it is cooked. 155º F internal temp!

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