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Quinoa tacos

1 cup Tri- colored quinoa

2-3 Tbsp. cumin

2-3 Tbsp. salsa / tomato paste

2-3 Tbsp. pepper seasoning

2-3 Tbsp. lime juice

½ cup water / bone broth

½ cup nutritional yeast

2-3 Tbsp. chili powder

4 Tbsp. or 1 clove garlic powder

½ or 1 whole chopped sweet onion

4 Tbsp. paprika

4 Tbsp. oregano

Organic cheese – no preservatives, no antibiotics, no hormones

Using chopped lettuce or kale


Stir all seasoning into quinoa flavor, flavor, flavor

Stir in salsa or paste

*If not mixing well add water or bone broth*

Cook quinoa until boiling once at a boiling add all seasoning and mix together once all mixed place in hard or soft taco shell or tri-color tortilla chips

Add chopped kale (lettuce sub) and homemade or store bought salsa


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