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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — On traffic reporter Bill Hurrelbrink’s last day, Mike Grahala brought two R2D2 replicas he helped make to the FOX 4 Morning Show. Hurrelbrink is leaving FOX 4 after five years to work for his family’s business.

Grahala said the replicas are made from aluminum, wood, fiberglass and other materials. Some replicas, made entirely from aluminum, can cost $10,000.

Copyright concerns aren’t a problem, as long as the replicas aren’t manufactured and then sold, Grahala said.

“I think its kind of an unwritten rule that Lucas film has with our group,” he said.

The R2D2s mimic sounds recorded on MP3s from Star Wars movies and their sounds and movements are controlled by a PlayStation remote.

In a final message to Hurrelbrink, the R2D2s wished him well and also inquired about the new job vacancy.

“Where can I sign up to audition for your job?  Anyone can do traffic,” the R2D2 replica said in its robot voice.

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Web story written by FOX 4 intern Caitlin Holland