Spring lawn care tips

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It's Spring and, yes, it's about to snow. But that doesn't mean you can just forget about all the Spring work you have ahead. Patrick Vogt from By the Blade told us our a little lawn TLC now, will prove successful later.

1. Cleanup. Dead grass accumulates during the winter, resulting in what we call thatch (clumps of dead blades, stems, etc). Clear out this and other debris to allow for fresh, new growth. Take care of this as soon as the season changes, so that new grasses have plenty of time to sprout and flourish.

2. Fertilize. Winter depletes the soil in your yard, as dormant grasses feed on it throughout the season. In order to ensure a vibrant, green lawn throughout the summer, replenish with the best fertilizers in early spring. Also, not all fertilizers are alike. A polymer pearl treatment will actually changes the chemistry of the soil to increase healthy microbials.

3. Restore. It's been awhile since your lawn has been cared for regularly, so give it the VIP treatment.Check for any diseases that have developed over the winter. Head off seasonal weeds with pre-emergents. Be sure to treat for grubs and other insects. Aerate if your lawn is looking beaten in, or compacted. If you're not sure exactly what to do, talk to a lawn care professional.

4. Treat your trees. This year, there's a new threat to trees in the Kansas City area. Ash borers (previously seen in the Southern states) attack ash trees and drill holes in the wood. If not properly treated, the tree is at serious risk and may die. Because ash borers are new to our area, many people lack awareness or do not know what treatment to use. To learn more, contact an ash borer specialist that could treat the problem.

5. Plan your getaway. After you've taken the necessary steps to prepare your lawn, make it beautiful. After all, it's not just grass; it's an extension of your home. Think about what makes an outdoor space relaxing, whether it's your favorite flowers or outdoor furniture or a water feature. Bring the family outside and spend time together, rather than watching TV or surfing the internet.



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