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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Dr. Michelle Robin and Shelly Murray, Holistic Nutritionist, stopped by the FOX 4 morning show to give tips on trying a Sugar Detox.
1. Clean pantry and refrigerator get rid of any tempting food
2. Meal plan (look through the recipe section of the book to see what you would like to eat for the week)
3. Grocery shop
4. power cook (do not shop and cook on the same day) make a big salad, choose a soup to make, cook up extra meat for lunches, have things washed and cut for easy assembly, make snack bags)
5. Do the self-care that is recommended in the book (breath work, 30 minutes of movement, bath, journaling)
6. If you are eating out keep it clean, meat and vegetables

Recipe Tip:

Almond and Strawberry Smoothie:
raw almond butter
walnuts, water
flaxseed (8 ingredients know what all 8 are)

Nutrition: 334 calories, 25g fat, 14mg sodium, 6g sugar (1 1/2 tsp), 7g protein, 12g fiber

The smoothie is loaded with real food that will keep your blood sugar stable and mind thinking clearly because of the “good” fat and protein in this breakfast.