Top 5 DIY Projects for 2013

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It’s time to set goals for 2013. This year, instead of chasing unrealistic resolutions, The Home Depot called on its Facebook followers to help identify this year’s top do-it-yourself projects. Starting off the year on the right foot by tackling these popular projects will help you make the most of your home and provide much needed peace of mind. Before getting started on any project, aspiring DIYers need to select the right tools to get the job done.

Top Five DIY Projects for 2013:

1.        Painting 101: Painting your home’s interior walls is an affordable way to give your home a quick facelift while potentially increasing the overall value. However, painting can be a tough job, especially in rooms or spaces with hard to reach areas. By using a paint sprayer, such as the Ryobi ONE+ cordless paint sprayer, you can easily access hard to reach areas and finish your project in less time with great results. Paint sprayers are also easy to use – simply pour the paint into the quick-lock container, secure and begin spraying. Cleanup is also a breeze, since the last thing most homeowners want to deal with is a big mess after working hard.

When starting a painting project it is always important to consider the following questions about the room before selecting paint:

•        Are you painting walls, trim, doors, molding or cabinets?

•        Is the existing surface already painted?

•        Has the surface been stained? Is it prone to bleeding?

•        Does the surface require frequent cleaning? Does it have imperfections?

2.        Organized Chaos: In-home organization is a simple and cost-effective way to save time and provide much needed peace of mind. Clutter can be everywhere in your home from the bedroom, to the playroom and especially in the garage. Taking time to create an organizational system that will be functional and beautiful can be fun and stress-relieving at the same time. Depending on the room or rooms you want to tackle will determine what shelving systems and products you will need. For mudrooms and laundry rooms, a small bench with cubby’s for linen bins labeled with each family members name is a great way to keep shoes and nick-knacks off the floor.

For larger spaces like closets, shelving systems are easy to install and affordable. There are many different options for shelving systems, but a basic shelf track system can transform any closet. These systems allow you to customize the height and placement of the shelves to suit your needs.

Garages often hold more than just cars and sporting equipment. Nowadays the garage can easily become a “dumping ground” for items that can no longer fit in the house. The key to garage storage is utilizing every available space, including the ceiling and walls. Heavy duty shelving units with labeled storage bins provide an easy way to store holiday decorations, home improvement supplies, tools and toys.

3.        Cleaning Top to Bottom: While often looked at as a spring activity, cleaning can easily turn into a daunting, year-long project. One of the best ways to make cleaning around the home fun is to involve the whole family in the process. In addition, innovations in technology have made DIY deep cleaning easier than ever before. Investing in a great wet/dry vacuum makes deep cleaning and treating stubborn stains and spots easy.

Vacuums like the RIDGID wet/dry vac come with a multitude of different attachments to handle different surfaces.  In addition, new everyday products like Windex Touch-Ups and Mr. Clean Outdoor Erasers can help you get the job done.

4.        Give your Cabinets a Facelift: If a complete kitchen renovation may not be in your budget this year, installing new cabinet doors is a great alternative way to refresh the look of your kitchen or bathroom without blowing the bank. Installing new doors is not difficult, but requires time and detail to attention so that the doors hang straight, are evenly spaced and operate smoothly.

To get the job done, attach the hardware to the door first, then hang the door on the cabinet face frame. You can work on the doors in your kitchen, but protect them from scratches by using a soft cloth or clamping them in an upright position. When drilling pilot holes for the hinge screws, take care not to drill all the way through the door.

Cabinet door replacement requires a few simple tools to get the job done right. A great drill kit, like the Ryobi drill kit is a great starter set that can be used for hundreds of projects. The Lithium battery has a longer run time, and is lightweight – perfect for the DIYer.

5.        Light Up Your Indoor Space: Installing a hanging light fixture is a perfect way to kick-off a year full of DIY projects. And with multi-use power tool batteries, you can quickly install the light fixture then dive right into your next project.

Before beginning installation, make sure to turn off the power at the service panel before installing a new light for safety. Double check the wires with a tester to double check the power is off.

Consider using an energy efficient light bulb such as an LED or CFL. These bulbs are a great alterative to the traditional incandescent bulb. Not only do they last for many years, but they can drastically reduce your energy bills as well.

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Cabinet Facelift:

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Light Replacement:

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