How to kick a field goal: FOX4 ‘learns’ from Lee’s Summit football players


LEE’S SUMMIT, Mo. — Have you ever watched a kicker miss an extra point and thought, “I could make that!”

Well, we tried.

Mark, Abby and Michelle from the FOX4 Morning Show went to learn how to kick an extra point from football players at Lee’s Summit High School

There are thee main parts of kicking a field goal. Someone has to snap the ball, someone has to catch and hold the ball, and someone has to kick it. Our crew took pointers on each of these positions and then attempted it themselves.

Let’s just say, at least they still have their day jobs.

Learn how to kick a field goal and watch the hilarity in the video player above!

Thank you, Lee’s Summit High School, for letting us use your field, and thanks to the football players!

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