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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — J. Rieger & Co. was once the largest mail-order whiskey house in the United States before prohibition. The distillery reopened in 2014, and now distills more than 1,200 barrels of Rye and Bourbon Whiskey every year.

As J. Rieger continues to make history in Kansas City, the company is also recognizing the Chiefs historic run in the playoffs.

In honor of the Chiefs and members of Chiefs Kingdom, J. Rieger created a Red Kingdom Whiskey cocktail.

“We did this for the Super Bowl adventure leading up to our ’bout with the Buccaneers last year,” Andrew Olsen, National Beverage Director at J. Rieger, said.

Last year, the distillery sold more than 1,200 bottles of the cocktail, and poured thousands more in its bar.

You can’t find the bottle of Red Kingdom at grocery or liquor stores. It’s only sold at J. Rieger & Co.’s location in Kansas City’s East Bottoms.

If you want to make the cocktail yourself, here’s the recipe:

  • 1.5 ounces of J. Rieger Kansas City Whiskey for each drink
  • Blend of apricot liquor, and other liquors, to taste
  • Cherry soda
  • Mineral water
  • Ice

Mix liquids and pour over ice to serve.

If you’d rather J. Rieger handle the mixing, the company said it will offer Red Kingdom drink specials during Sunday’s AFC Championship Game.