KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The National World War One Museum and Memorial is unveiling some improvements for visitors this Veterans Day weekend, and this is just the beginning of some big changes.

The museum opened when Kansas Citians raised millions of dollars right after World War I to honor the nation’s veterans.  In 2004, congress designated it as the “National” WWI Museum and Memorial bringing visitors from all over the world to Kansas City.

This week’s upgrades are highly interactive, integrating more cutting-edge technology in several of the exhibits. There are digital interactive tables, some of which are gamified.

There are new videos depicting wartime jobs for those who supported the war effort from back home in the U.S.

Another display highlights the role animals played in World War I, complete with a giant sculpture of Missouri pack-mules slogging through the trenches to deliver supplies and munitions.

“It’s important for Missouri because millions of mules came from Missouri that support the war effort,” said Christopher Warren, the senior curator for the museum.

“This is interactive where people can see images from our collection of animals as mascots, as beasts of burden, as pests and video of soldiers interacting with these animals during the war effort itself.”

Today is the final day of the weekend that the National World War I Museum is providing free admission to veterans and active-duty military and half-price admission to everyone else.