Kansas City’s streetcar plan unveiled

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Plans for Kansas City’s 2.2-mile, $102 million streetcar project were revealed earlier this week at a public meeting at Union Station. After the construction is complete in late 2014, it will take four to six months for experts to perform tests. The streetcar is expected to run from Union Station to Kansas City’s River Market.

Construction Timeline:

Phase 1
-Fall 2013-Early 2014
-Utility relocation and construction of the vehicle maintenance facility at Union Station
-Expect partial lane closings on Main Street and temporary service interruptions

Phase 2
-Late 2013-Late 2014
-Construction of streetcar tracks and stops, will be completed in 2-block chunks
-Expect multiple lane closings or entire shutdowns on parts of Main Street

Phase 3
-Late 2013-Late 2014
-Installation of power systems and traffic signals
-Expect temporary closures during non-peak hours on Main Street

[Source: Kansas City Business Journal]



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