KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It’s a changing of seasons in Kansas City, but this season has nothing to do with the weather.

Union Station is busy taking down its extensive Holiday Reflections decorations throughout the building. The people in charge of the event say Union Station’s holiday decorations would fill two football fields.

The effort turned out to be worthwhile for the landmark.

“Over 170,000 people walked through the holiday experience, and a half-million people came to Union Station from Thanksgiving to right after New Year’s,” George Guastello, Union Station, said.

Guastello says families have incorporated a stop at Union Station into their holiday traditions. As families grow, more people are brought in to enjoy the holiday experience.

“We have people coming from all over the United States. We had a young couple that came in and got married from Omaha right here. It’s amazing,” Guastello said.

The Grand Hall is also a popular place for family portraits and selfies. Union Station said more than 1 million selfies were taken and shared at Union Station.

After the decorations are put away, Union Station will take a break from the tinsel and glitter of the holidays.

Crews are in the process of changing everything from Santa Claus red to Chiefs red as the team prepares for a run in the playoffs.

“This week the building is going to transform both inside and outside. We’ll be putting up the wildly popular AplhaLit sign here on the westside of Grand Hall. The exterior of the building, we’ll be putting Chiefs banners up,” Lauren Hypse, Union Station, said.

The Chiefs Fan Zone doesn’t stop there. The more games the Chiefs win, the more Chiefs love that will be displayed inside Union Station.

“Families and the community will just be able to come down and take photos with the AlphaLit signs as well as Chiefs [memorabilia] pieces,” Hypse said.

The Chiefs Fan Zone at Union Station is free for anyone to visit. It opens this weekend.