Known for its lake, don’t miss these 4 spots the next time you visit Smithville

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SMITHVILLE, Mo. — Our weekly journey across the metro brings us to Smithville on Friday. A town known for its lake has plenty to offer those seeking outdoor adventures and family activities.

These are four places you must visit when you’re in Smithville.

LoDoga Ridge Winery: All Missouri, all local, LoDoga Ridge Winery is a thriving winery here in Smithville that’s welcoming folks from across the state.

“Usually they are happy when they get here because this is a happy place to be but they are usually happier when they leave,” Leinda Haddock, Co-Owner of LaDoga Ridge Winery, said.

The scenic views along with wide selection of locally-made wines makes this a popular destination since opening in 2011.

“A lot of people come to get away from work, their cubicles at work, their families. We are an all-adult venue so that is something very unique to this area so we get a lot of couples that come to enjoy the beautiful sunsets, the breeze, and listen to the birds,” Haddock said.

Couples can also see how the wine is made. The grapes are grown, picked, processed, bottled, labeled, and then sold all on the property.

American Angus Hall of Fame: This unique building houses the history of some of the worlds best and biggest cattle.

Serving also as a museum, it features photos, signage, and memorabilia of an industry that helped make Smithville what it is today.

Downtown Smithville: An area with a long history and bright future.

Dating back to the early 1800s, Downtown Smithville blends the past and the present with a number of new, growing businesses, developments, but preserves pieces of the past for future generations to enjoy.

There’s no shortage of shopping you can do or food you can eat while taking a walk around Downtown. And it’s something you must do while in Smithville.

Smithville Lake: The Lake is the heartbeat of the town and for good reason. The 7,200 acre lake is a home away from home for locals and visitors.

Run by the US Army Corps of Engineers, the lake provides a blend of water activities such as fishing, swimming, and water sports with adventures in nature such as camping and horseback riding.

For years, it’s welcomed families from around the world eager to take in and experience what the lake and the surrounding area has to offer.

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