Lawn Care Tips During Historic Drought

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- While one man paints his lawn green during the nation's historic drought, Patrick Vogt with By the Blade, has other methods that will keep your lawn healthy. He has 17 years of lawn care experience.

Currently, Vogt says due to extreme heat and no rain, the ground is losing about a quarter of an inch of moisture a day. To keep grass from dying, it's important to replenish some of that. For lawns that have received no moisture this summer, it's possible the grass has died. Vogt said in such cases, it will cost more to reseed and grow grass in the fall than it will to keep grass alive (albeit a little brown) during this hot summer. When attempting to get seed to germinate, Vogt said lawns need to be watered four to six times a day, as opposed to three to four times a week -- increasing costs.

Vogt suggests watering deep to keep roots healthy, which means instead of watering 30 minutes a day, water for an hour three or four times a week.

Watch the video for more healthy watering tips to keep your lawn green.



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