Like Herd of Wild Horses, Dolphins Surprise Onlookers Off California Coast

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DANA POINT, Calif. — Like a herd of wild horses, a pod of dolphins off the coast of California gave whale watchers something to ooh and ahh about.

According to Dolphin Safari’s YouTube page, about 1,000 dolphins swam over to their boat and began an amazing display of aquatic acrobats.

“The line of dolphins could be seen miles away churning up the water,” Dolphin Safari wrote. “The dolphins turned and stampeded directly over to the boat. Often this unusual behavior happens without warning or anything frightening them as was the case this time.”

While dolphins typically cruise at seven to eight miles an hour, they can reach speeds of 25 mph. In the video, they appear to be zipping through the water, keeping up with onlookers aboard the boat.

Using under water cameras, the dolphins can been seen doing what they do best — swimming and making people smile.

Dana Point, located in southern California, has the greatest density of oceanic dolphins per square mile of anywhere in the world, according to Dolphin Safari. Dolphins frequent the area throughout the year, sometimes in herds numbering upwards of 10,000.

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