Local doctor weighs in on whether he thinks protests will impact spread of COVID-19


KANSAS CITY, Mo. – FOX4 asked you to share your questions about the coronavirus, and we asked Dr. Darrin D’Agostino from Kansas City University to answer them.

Dr. D’Agostino answers the following questions in the video player above:

  • People at these protests are not practicing — or really, concerned with — social distancing, should they be?
  • A FOX4 viewer said her son is returning to work as a bartender in the power and light district. He is staying with her, she’s in her 60’s. He’ll be exposed to hundreds of young people, probably not practicing social distancing. What measures can she take to keep her exposure to a minimum?
  • Many people are choosing to wear masks. How often do you need to wash the cloth masks or change the paper ones as you’re going about your grocery shopping, work, etc.?
  • Can you leave your hand sanitizer in your car on a hot day?


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